The Progzilla Files Episode 49 | Lifehouse

A “what if” … what if Pete Townshend had completed Lifehouse in 1971 as a follow-up to Tommy?

  1. Babe M1 (demo from Lifehouse Chronicles)
  2. Teenage Wasteland (demo from Lifehouse Chronicles)
  3. Pure and Easy (Townshend solo, Who Came First)
  4. Time Is Passing (left channel from Odds and Sods, right channel from the bootleg Exciting The Who – mix by Albums That Never Were)
  5. Love Ain’t For Keeping (from Who’s Next with the extended Record Plant jam from Odds and Sods – mix by Albums That Never Were)
  6. Going Mobile (from Who’s Next)
  7. Baba O’Rielly (from Who’s Next)
  8. Mary (demo from Lifehouse Chronicles)
  9.  Don’t Even Know Myself (from Odds and Sods)
  10. Greyhound Girl (demo from Lifehouse Chronicles)
  11. Bargain (from Who’s Next)
  12. Music Must Change (from Who Are You?)
  13. Naked Eye (from Odds and Sods)
  14. Behind Blue Eyes (from Who’s Next)
  15. Too Much of Anything (from Odds and Sods)
  16. Let’s See Action (full length single version from Who Hits 50)
  17. Getting in Tune (from Who’s Next)
  18. Pure and Easy (from Odds and Sods)
  19. The Relay (single)
  20. Won’t Get Fooled Again (from Who’s Next)
  21. The Song Is Over (from Who’s Next)

BONUS: Won’t Get Fooled Again – Pete Townshend, 1985

BONUS: Won’t Get Fooled Again – Pete Townshend, 2009