The Progzilla Files Episode 55 |This Woman’s Work

  1. Flower Of The Mountain (from The Director’s Cut, 2011)
  2. Rocket Man (from Two Rooms, 1989)
  3. Running Up That Hill [extended mix] (12″ single, 1985)
  4. Walk Straight Down The Middle (B-side of the single The Sensual World, 1989)
  5. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go (Originally used on the soundtrack of the Comic Strip movie GLC, it was later released on certain formats of the single Love and Anger)
  6. Sexual Healing (recorded 1994, released as the b-side of King of the Mountain, 2005)
  7. The Big Sky [Meteorological Mix] (12″ single, 1985)
  8. You Want Alchemy (extra track on the European and Australian CD-singles for Eat the Music, 1993)
  9. Be Kind To My Mistakes (B-side of the single This Woman’s Work, 1989)
  10. Cloudbusting [The Orgonon Mix] (12″ single, 1985)
  11. I’m Still Waiting (extra track on the single release of This Woman’s Work, 1989)
  12. Mná na hÉireann (from Common Ground – Voices of Modern Irish Music, 1996)
  13. Once (from Once by Roy Harper, 1990)
  14. Hounds of Love [Alternative Mix] (12″ single, 1986)
  15. Lyra (originally released on the soundtrack album The Golden Compass, 2007)
  16. My Lagan Love (from Cloudbusting 12″ single, 1985)
  17. Warm and Soothing (B-side of December Will Be Magic Again, 1980)
  18. Experiment IV [extended mix] (12″ single, 1986)
  19. Show a Little Devotion (extra track on the CD-single of Moments Of Pleasure in the UK, and on the CD-single of Rubberband Girl in the US)
  20. The Man I Love (from The Glory of Gershwin, 1994)
  21. Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Deal) (from Brazil soundtrack, 1993)
  22. Passing Through Air (recorded in 1973 and released as a B-side of the single Army Dreamers in 1980)
  23. Humming (Recorded as a demo, presumably in 1973)
  24. The Handsome Cabin Boy (B-side of the single Hounds Of Love, 1986)
  25. You (from The Unknown Soldier by Roy Harper, 1980)
  26. Games Without Frontiers (from Peter Gabriel [Melt] by Peter Gabriel, 1980)
  27. Lord of the Reedy River (b-side of Sat In Your Lap, 1981)
  28. Ran Tan Waltz (b-side of Babooshka, 1980)
  29. My Computer (from Emancipation by Prince, 1996)
  30. Burning Bridge (b-side of Cloudbusting, 1985)