The Progzilla Files Episode 01 | The Fripp Sessions (8 March 2015)

It was two Phils who turned me on to King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp: Phil Codd at college who first played Another Green World by Brian Eno, featuring two of the most coruscating guitar solos by anyone, and former work collegue Phil Clarke who gave me a copy of The Concise King Crimson  in about 1989. Blondie and Bowie should be in any sane person’s music collection of course, and both Talking Heads and David Sylvian either did release or has been releasing fascinating music for many years. I had to seek out The Roches for this broadcast.


  1. DAVID BOWIE “Heroes”
    from “Heroes” (1977)
  2. BRIAN ENO St Elmo’s Fire
    from Another Green World (1975)
  3. PETER GABRIEL Here Comes The Flood
    from Exposure (1979)
  4. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR The Emperor In His War Room
    from H to He, Who Am the Only One (1970)
  5. THE ROCHES Hammond Song
    from The Roches (1979)
  6. BLONDIE Fade Away and Radiate
    from Parallel Lines (1978)
    from Fear of Music (1979)
  8. DAVID SYLVIAN Steel Cathedrals
    from Alchemy: An Index of Possibilities (1985)
  9. PORCUPINE TREE Nil Recurring
    from Nil Recurring (2007)

First broadcast: 8 March 2015.

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