The Progzilla Files Episode 03 | Mike Oldfield’s Journeys and Excursions (3 May 2015)

I first heard Tubular Bells in about 1977, so I’ve been following Mike Oldfield’s varied career for nearly 40 years … more than anyone other than The Beatles, ELO and Boney M, I guess.

It’s often overlooked that Oldfield is a consummate guitarist – his guest performances for other artists allows him to have a much freer and more fluid playing style and are well worth seeking out.

  1. MIKE OLDFIELD & DAVID BEDFORD The Phaeacian Games
    from Boxed (1976)
  2. YORK Islanders
    from Islanders (2012)
  3. PEKKA POHJOLA Matemaatikon lentonäytös (The Mathematician’s Air Display)
    from The Mathematician’s Air Display (1977)
  4. DAVID BEDFORD Instructions For Angels
    from Instructions For Angels (1977)
  5. KEVIN AYERS Whatevershebringswesing
    from Whatevershebringswesing (1971)
    from Boxed (1976)
  7. DAVID BEDFORD Extract from Star’s End
    from Star’s End (1974)
  8. TERRY OLDFIELD Extracts from Journey Into Space
    from Journey Into Space (2012)

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