The Progzilla Files Episode 04 | The Continental Synthesists (7 June 2015)

The premise of this episode is simple: play tracks by the pioneers of the instrumental, synthy side of prog. And some Kraftwerk.

I only recently heard the full album-length version of Autobahn, being previously familiar with the much (much) shorter single edit.

I remember hearing Conquest of Paradise on a holiday to Turkey when the track would have been quite new. Vangelis, of course, was responsible for the soundtrack to Blade Runner, perhaps the greatest sci-fi film of them all, along with some nice tunes by that warbler from Yes.

I first heard Tangerine Dream when I was given one of their albums by an old girlfriend (it was her older sister’s and she bequeathed the first Van Halen album at the same time).

Anyone listening to music in the 70s remembers Oxygene, which also has some nice tunes.

Away we go then.


  1. KRAFTWERK Autobahn
    from Autobahn (1975)
  2. VANGELIS Conquest of Paradise
    from 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)
    from Phaedra (1974)
  4. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Oxygène parts I-III
    from Oxygène (1976)

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