To Infinity and Beyond! Episode 03 (4 October 2015)

This month: “three”.

  1. JANE’S ADDICTION Three Days
    from Kettle Whistle, recorded 1990
  2. MARILLION Three Boats Down From The Candy
    single b-side, 1982
  3. ROXY MUSIC Three and Nine
    from Country Life, 1974
  4. ROGER WATERS Three Wishes
    from Amused to Death, 1992
  5. RIVAL SONS Three Fingers
    from Head Down, 2012
  6. WALTER BECKER Three Picture Deal
    from Circus Money, 2008
  7. LYNYRD SKYNYRD Gimme Three Steps
    from Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd, 1973
  8. BEN HARPER The Three of Us
    from Welcome to the Cruel World, 1994
  9. THE PROCLAIMERS Three More Days
    from Notes & Rhymes, 2009
  10. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS Three Little Birds
    from Exodus, 1977
  11. SCOTT WALKER Track Three
    from Climate of Hunter, 1984
  12. ANDY SUMMERS Self Portrait in Three Colours
    from Peggy’s Blue Skylight, 2000
  13. CRIMSON JAZZ TRIO Three of a Perfect Pair
    from The King Crimson Songbook Volume One, 2005