To Infinity and Beyond! Episode 07 (February 2016)

  1. Queen    Seven Seas of Rhye
  2. Steve Young    Seven Bridges Road
  3. Eagles    Seven Bridges Road
  4. Love    Seven and Seven Is
  5. OMD    Sailing on the Seven Seas
  6. John Hiatt    Seven Little Indians
  7. Uriah Heep    Seven Stars
  8. Vince Tempera    Seven Notes In Black
  9. Terence Trent D’Arby    Seven More Days
  10. Gordon Lightfoot    Seven Islands Suite
  11. Nora Jones    Seven Years
  12. Genesis    Seven Stones
  13. June Tabor and Oysterband    Seven Curses
  14. Free    Seven Angels
  15. David Bowie    Seven