The Progzilla Files Episode 23 | Long Songs

Wikipedia has an interesting definition of “progressive rock“.

Progressive rock songs often avoid common popular music song structures of verse/chorus form, and their extended lengths allow complex themes that cannot be fully developed within the span of a three-minute single. Musical forms are blurred through the use of extended sections and of musical interludes that bridge separate sections together, which results in classical-style suites. These large-scale compositions are similar to medleys, but there is typically more thematic unity between the sections. Transitions between electric and acoustic sections provide dynamic contrast. Extended instrumental passages often mix composed, classical-style sections with group improvisation. These sections emphasize group virtuosity rather than individual skill, and they are a break from other pop forms in which a single, dominant singer or soloist is accompanied by a band. Although many progressive rock songs are of three to five minutes in length, and bands such as Kraftwerk did adhere to pop songwriting principles, long-form pieces of twenty minutes or more are not uncommon.

With that in mind, Episode 23 of the Progzilla Files plays very long songs by Genesis, ELP, Yes and Pink Floyd. Because we can.

  1. GENESIS – Supper’s Ready
  2. ELP – Karn Evil 9 (1st, 2nd and 3rd Impressions)
  3. YES – Close to the Edge
  4. GENESIS – Duke Suite
  5. PINK FLOYD – Echoes

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