The Progzilla Files Episode 11 | Kate Bush

Has any artist been so elusive and yet beguiling for so long?

Kate Bush.


A pop singer unlike any other, she apparently went mad in 1982 with her album The Dreaming. Or did she just become the slightly nuts proggy artist she always was?

And then, in 1985, Hounds of Love (her masterpiece, surely?) proved that you can have pop hits with non-pop songs. I’m dead right here, so no arguing at the back.

Side 2 of Hounds of Love was one long piece of music: The Ninth Wave.  Drama made into music.

After The Red Shoes in 1993, Kate Bush went off the radar for twelve years, until the mercurial Aerial, as mad and fascinating as ever.

In this episode of The Progzilla Files, we examine the complete second disc of Aerial – a 42-minute piece called An Endless Sky of Honey. Two more of Bush’s more esoteric songs fill out the show.

It’s in the trees! It’s coming!


  1. KATE BUSH Misty
    from 50 Words for Snow (2011)
  2. KATE BUSH The Dreaming
    from The Dreaming (1982)
  3. KATE BUSH An Endless Sky of Honey
    from Aerial (2005)

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