The Progzilla Files Episode 32 | Trainspotting + For a Thousand Fathers

Part 1 – Trainspotting T-3

Unlike in country music, where trains always seem to be transporting corpses, prog trains are full of brain-dead commuters. But prog trains also carry a few carloads of nostalgia and lament.

  1. Deep Blue Day, Brian Eno, from Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (and Trainspotting soundtrack)
  2. The Rail Song, Adrian Belew, from Twang Bar King
  3. This Train is my Life, Marillion, from Happiness is the Road
  4. Journeyman, Jethro Tull, from Heavy Horses
  5. Trains, Ian Anderson, from Walk into Light
  6. 10.08 to Paddington, Jethro Tull, from A Passion Play
  7. Cosy Corner/Shunt and Shuffle, Ian Anderson, from TAAB II
  8. Traintime, Peter Hammill, from Patience
  9. The Underfall Yard, Big Big Train, from The Underfall Yard
  10. Driving the Last Spike, Genesis, from We Can’t Dance

Part 2 – For a Thousand Fathers

From trains we move to songs by, about and for fathers, although if you listen closely you’ll also hear some trains in this set as well. These songs express everything about the father-son-daughter relationship from anger and rage to love and devotion. The show will end with some musical collaborations between prog fathers and their progeny.

  1. No Lullaby, Jethro Tull, from Bursting Out
  2. Cheap Day Return, Jethro Tull, from Aqualung
  3. Back to the Family, Jethro Tull, from Stand Up
  4. Son, Jethro Tull, from Benefit
  5. What Do You Do When the Old Man’s Gone/From the Upper Class, Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick
  6. Another Christmas Song, from A Jethro Tull Christmas Album
  7. Sleep Now, Peter Hammill, from As Close as This
  8. Father Son, Peter Gabriel, from Ovo
  9. No Son of Mine, Genesis, from We Can’t Dance
  10. Telephone Conversation / Bow Tie Daddy, The Mothers of Invention, from We’re Only In It for the Money
  11. NY3, Robert Fripp, from Exposure
  12. The Final Rhino, Adrian Belew, from The Lone Rhinoceros
  13. Song of Seven, Jon Anderson, from Song of Seven
  14. Close to the Edge, Steve Howe Trio, from The Haunted Melody