Episode #56 kicks off 2019

Episode #55 now available – listen here or download

2 hours of Kate Bush rarities 🙂

Episode #54 now available.


Episode #53 podcast

The Progzilla Files #53 | In Conversation with Dean Baker

Episode #52 now available

The Progzilla Files Episode 52 | Galahadding

Five Sundays in September! Extra show ahoy!

The Progzilla Files Episode 51 | God and America

Wait – Episode #50?

The Progzilla Files #50 | Yes – Before, During, After

August Podcast (finally)

The Progzilla Files Episode 49 | Lifehouse

New podcast now available

The Progzilla Files #48 | Pink Floyd – The Progzilla Remix

June’s Podcast now available

The Progzilla Files #47 | Pink Floyd – revisited, condensed, remixed

Double albums should perhaps not always be double albums.

This month we examine Pink Floyd’s The Wall and see how it can be condensed to remove the chaff.

This is followed by an hour of trace remixes 🙂