The Progzilla Files Episode 40 | On Restless Seas

A lot of prog music about the ocean tries to go deep. Let’s be honest, not always successfully. The music can run aground pretty easily on tired metaphors and cheap mysticism. Not just in the lyrics, but in over-the-top arrangements. We give those songs a wide berth.

  1. CAMEL Lunar Sea, from Moonmadness
  2. TONY BANKS From the Undertow, from A Curious Feeling
  3. PINK FLOYD Marooned, from The Division Bell
  4. TONY LEVIN I Cry to the Dolphined Sea, from World Diary
  5. KING CRIMSON Sailor’s Tale, from The Elements 2014
  6. SEAN FILKINS Epitaph for a Mariner (Sailor’s Hymn + Sirens), from War and Peace and Other Short Stories
  7. GALAHAD The Great Unknown/Sea of Uncertainty/Up in Smoke, from Seas of Change
  8. BIG BIG TRAIN Wide Open Sea (The Sea is My Blood, From Cradle to Calvary), from Far Skies Deep Time
  9. iamthemorning Lighthouse, from Lighthouse
  10. THE FLOWER KINGS Rhythm of the Sea, from Retropolis
  11. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR The Wave, from The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome
  12. GONG Through Restless Seas I Come, from Rejoice! I’m Dead!
  13. JON ANDERSON Meeting/Sound out the Galleon, from Olias of Sunhillow
  14. JETHRO TULL Flying Dutchman, from Stormwatch
  15. SOFT MACHINE Chloe and the Pirates, from Six
  16. BRUFORD LEVIN UPPER EXTREMITIES Cerulean Sea, from Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
  17. ANTHONY PHILLIPS Slow Waves, Soft Stars, from Private Parts and Pieces
  18. BRIAN ENO The Ship (excerpt), from The Ship