The Progzilla Files Episode 45 | Different Every Time



  1. SOFT MACHINE Hope for Happiness from The Soft Machine (1968)
  2. SOFT MACHINE Moon In June from Third (1970)
  3. ROBERT WYATT To Carla, Marsha and Caroline (For Making Everything Beautifuller) from The End of an Ear (1970)
  4. SOFT MACHINE Kings and Queens from Fourth (1971)
  5. DAEVID ALLEN Memories from Bananamoon (1971)
  6. MATCHING MOLE O Carloline from Matching Mole (1972)
  7. HATFIELD AND THE NORTH Calyx from Hatfield and the North (1974)
  8. ROBERT WYATT I’m A Believer from single a-side (1974)
  9. ROBERT WYATT Sea Song from Rock Bottom (1974)
  10. ROBERT WYATT Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road from Rock Bottom (1974)
  11. ROBERT WYATT Solarflares Burn for You from Ruth is Stranger than Richard (1975)
  12. ROBERT WYATT Muddy Mouse (b) from Ruth is Stranger than Richard (1975)
  13. JOHN CAGE Experience N2 from Voices And Instruments (1976)
  14. ROBERT WYATT Arauco from Nothing Can Stop Us (1982)
  15. ROBERT WYATT Shipbuilding from Nothing Can Stop Us (1982)
  16. THE LAST NIGHTINGALE Moments of Delight from The Last Nightingale (1984)
  17. ROBERT WYATT Poor Little Alfie from Old Rottenhat (1985)
  18. ROBERT WYATT The Age of Self from Old Rottenhat (1985)
  19. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO We Love You from Beauty (1989)
  20. ROBERT WYATT Worship from Dondestan (1991)
  21. ROBERT WYATT Alien from Shleep (1997)
  22. ROBERT WYATT Free Will and Testament from Shleep (1997)
  23. ROBERT WYATT Heaps of Sheeps from Shleep (1997)
  24. BJORK Submarine from Medúlla (2001)
  25. ROBERT WYATT Mr E from Cuckooland (2003)
  26. ROBERT WYATT Foreign Accents from Cuckooland (2003)
  27. ANJA GARBAREK The Diver from Smiling and Waving (2004)
  28. BERTRAND BURGALAT This Summer Night from Cherie B.B. (2007)