The Progzilla Files Episode 65 | The Money Programme

This month we’re opening the vault for all kinds of songs about money – from those who’ve got it, to those who want it, to those who borrow and lend it, to those who simply take it.

We’ve got easy money, we’ve got hard-earned cash, we’ve got spendthrifts and misers. We’ve got nouveau riche girls and down-on-their luck mothers.

  1. Taxman, The Beatles, from “Anthology 2” (1996)
  2. Money Song, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, from “Monty Python’s Previous Record” (1972)
  3. Money, Yes, from “Tormato” (1977)
  4. Cash, Gary Lucas and Peter Hamill, from “Other World” (2014)
  5. Slave to Money, Flower Kings, from “Space Revolver” (2000)
  6. Money (1981 re-recording), Pink Floyd, from “A Collection of Great Dance Songs” (1981)
  7. Easy Money, King Crimson, from “Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind” (2014)
  8. Easy Money, ELO, from “Zoom” (2001)
  9. Time is Money, Frank Zappa, from “Sleep Dirt” (1979)
  10. Rich, Marillion, from “” (1999)
  11. Cindy Tells Me, Brian Eno, from “Here Come the Warm Jets” (1974)
  12. The Miser and his Daughter, Kelly Oliver, from “Botany Bay” (2018)
  13. Raise My Rent, David Gilmour, from “David Gilmour” (1978)
  14. Thrift Store, Nick Mason and Rick Fenn, from “White of the Eye” (1987)
  15. Bargain Classics, Quiet Sun, from “Mainstream” (1975)
  16. Lawyers, Guns and Money, Warren Zevon, from “Excitable Boy” (1978)
  17. Mr. Sellack, The Roches, from “The Collected Works Of The Roches” (2003)
  18. Broadford Bazaar, Jethro Tull, from “Heavy Horses”, remastered reissue (2003)
  19. Free Money, Patti Smith Group, from “Horses” (1978)
  20. Been in the Streets Too Long, Annette Peacock, from “Been in the Streets Too Long” (1983)
  21. Upper Sixth Loan Shark / Banker Bets, Banker Wins, Ian Anderson, from “Thick as a Brick 2” (2012)
  22. Come and Buy My Little Toys, David Bowie, from “David Bowie” (1967)
  23. Lose Your Money, But Don’t Lose Your Mind, Moody Blues, from “The Magnificent Moodies” (1965)
  24. You Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chance, Bruce Cockburn, from “Inner City Front” (1982)
  25. Robbery, Assault and Battery, Genesis, from “A Trick of the Tail” (1976)
  26. Takin’ Care of Business, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, from “Bachman–Turner Overdrive II” (1973)
  27. There Goes a Tenner, Kate Bush, from “The Dreaming” (1982)
  28. Rich Man Poor Man, The Gladiators, from “Back to Roots” (1982)
  29. Can’t Buy Me Love, The Beatles, from “A Hard Day’s Night” (1964)