The Progzilla Files Episode 24 | With Strings

As Baby Boomers and Generation Xers get older and greyer, gone are the wild rock ’n’ roll concerts of youth. More cultured events, like symphony orchestra concerts, are the mot du jour.

But, some refuse to age gracefully and we see now see rock bands performing with orchestras: electric guitars and cellos, leather and tuxedos, tattoos and tubas.

This is nothing new, as Deep Purple will tell you.

We hope you enjoy some of these generally successful collaborations.

  1. ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Eldorado (side 1)
    from  Eldorado (1974)
  2. DEEP PURPLE  Concerto for Group and Orchestra First Movement (Moderato – Allegro)
    from Concerto for Group and Orchestra (1969)
  3. ROY HARPER Me And My Woman
    from Stormcock (1971)
  4. KATE BUSH Moments of Pleasure
    from The Red Shoes (1993)
  5. METALLICA The Call of Ktulu
    from S&M (1999)
  6. ERIC CLAPTON Edge of Darkness
    from 24 Nights (1991)
  7. PROCOL HARUM Whaling Stories
    from In Concert With The Danish National Concert Orchestra And Choir (2010)
  8. EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER Closer to Believing
    from Works vol 1 (1977)
  9. ZUCCHERO FORNACIARI Miserere (Italian version)
    from Miserere (1992)
  10. PETE TOWNSHEND The Ferryman Suite (a Progzilla edit)
    • Brooklyn Kids
      from Another Scoop (1987, recorded 1978)
    • Street In The City
      from Rough Mix (1977)
    • I Like It The Way It Is
      from Scoop 3 (1994, recorded 1978)
    • Praying The Game
      from Another Scoop (1987, recorded 1978)
    • The Ferryman
      from Another Scoop (1987, recorded 1978)
    • Football Fugue
      from Another Scoop (1987, recorded 1978)

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