The Progzilla Files Episode 73: Clive Mitten

Andy interviews Clive about his new album, and Clive selects some key influences.

  1. Clive Mitten “Suite Cryptique Part One” (Fur Helene)

2.  Anna Meredith “Sawbones” from album FIBS

3.  Steve Reich “Music for 18 Musicians, Section 3A”

4.  Clive Mitten “Suite Cryptique Part Two” (End of the Endless Majority)

5.  Michael Nyman “The Piano Concerto Movement Four”

6.  JS Bach “Cello Suite No.1 Prelude” from Kuniko Plays Bach

7.  Clive Mitten “Suite Cryptique Part One” (Sequences)

8.  Steve Reich “Electric Counterpoint 1, Fast” performed by Johnny Greenwood

9.  Clive Mitten “Suite Cryptique Part Three” (The Collector)

10.  Beethoven “Piano Sonata No. 14 1.  Moonlight”

11. John Adams “Shaker Loops (Shaking and Trembling)”

12.  Clive Mitten “Suite Cryptique Part Five” (Creepshow)

13.  Nils Frahm “The Whole Universe wants to be Touched” from the album All Melody

14. Max Richter “On the Nature of Daylight” from the album The Blue Notebooks

15. Mozart “Symphony No. 41 Final Movement”

16. Clive Mitten “Suite Cryptique Part Two” (Afghan Red)

17. Twelfth Night “Afghan Red” from the album Live at the Target (definitive edition)