The Progzilla Files Episode 35 | Go and Sit Upon the Grass

Say what you like about Richard Branson and his diverse businesses successes, in the early 1970s his Virgin Records released some ground-breaking albums, many of them proggy to some degree. No doubt the huge success of Tubular Bells funded much of this experimentation, and for this we should be wholly grateful. Here’s an eclectic mix of many of the bands signed to Virgin in 1973-1975: a diverse bunch but some reals gems here.

  1. TANGERINE DREAM Overture to Oedipus Tyrannus
    from the Virgin sampler V (1975)
  2. ROBERT WYATT Yesterday Man
    single a-side (1974)
  3. SLAPP HAPPY / HENRY COW Extract from the Messiah
    from Desperate Straights (1975)
  4. TOM NEWMAN Sad Song
    from Fine Old Tom (1975)
  5. STEVE HILLAGE Pentagrammaspin
    from the Virgin sampler V (1975)
  6. KEVIN COYNE Marjory Razorblade
    from Marjory Razorblade (1973)
  7. CLEAR LIGHT Extract from Clear Light Symphony Part 1
    from Clear Light Symphony (1973)
  8. HATFIELD AND THE NORTH Your Majesty Is Like A Cream Doughnut
    from The Rotters’ Club (1975)
  9. WHITE NOISE White Noise II
    from White Noise II – Concerto for Synthesizer (1974)
  10. IVO CUTLER Go And Sit Upon The Grass
    from Velvet Donkey (1975)
  11. FAUST The Sad Skinhead
    from Faust IV (1973)
  12. MIKE OLDFIELD Extract from Hergest Ridge part 2
    from Hergest Ridge (1974)

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