The Progzilla Files Episode 14 (April 2016)

Back in the 60s, bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones always added worthwhile b-sides to their singles. Now Genesis were hardly a singles act (until they sold out after Collins’ solo success) but they did release lots of singles, all of which were eventually collected together in the 1970-1975, 1976-1982 and 1983-1998 box sets.

In this broadcast we cherry pick the best of those b-sides.


  1. GENESIS Twilight Alehouse
    b-side of Happy The Man, 1972
  2. GENESIS It’s Yourself
    b-side of Your Own Special Way, 1977
  3. GENESIS The Light Went Out
    b-side of Many Too Many, 1978
  4. GENESIS Vancouver
    b-side of Many Too Many, 1978
  5. GENESIS Open Door
    b-side of Duchess, 1980
  6. GENESIS Submarine
    b-side of Man On The Corner, 1982
  7. GENESIS Evidence Of Autumn
    b-side of Misunderstanding, 1980
  8. GENESIS Do The Nuerotic
    b-side of In Too Deep, 1987
  9. GENESIS Me And Virgil
    3 x 3 EP, 1982
  10. GENESIS You Might Recall
    3 x 3 EP, 1982
  11. GENESIS Inside And Out
    Spot The Pigeon EP, 1977

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