The Progzilla Files Episode 05 | Empires Never Last (5 July 2015)

A few years back I was invited to write the official biography of the Dorset-based band Galahad. At that time I’d heard none of their music. Their singer and manager Stu Nicholson sent a batch of CDs, so, logically, I listened first to their most recent: Empires Never Last. It was the best new album I’d heard by anyone for some time.

So, because we like things to flow smoothly on The Progzilla Files, we have mixed the entire album into one long piece of music. We think it sounds great. So do the band who have heard and approved this unique version of one of their most popular albums.


  1. GALAHAD Empires Never Last (Progzilla remix)
    originally released 2007
  • Intro (0:42-2:37)
  • I Could Be God (2:37-16:30)
  • Empires Never Last (16:30-25:43)
  • De-Fi-Ance (24:43-29:30)
  • Termination (29:30-36:41)
  • Memories of an African Twin (36:41-40:48)
  • Sidewinder (40:38-51.29)
  • This Life Could Be My Last (51.29-1:00:42)


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