The Progzilla Files Episode 19 | Valediction (May 2016)

What song would you play at your funeral?

These are the choices of many of the station’s presenters.

  1. AC/DC – Highway to Hell (Mike Whitfield)
  2. MEN WITHOUT HATS – Safety Dance (Peter Munro)
  3. MIKE OLDFIELD – Tattoo [live at Edinburgh Castle] (Jim Lawson)
  4. ALAN PARSONS PROJECT – Old and Wise (Cliff ‘Progzilla’ Pearson)
  5. THE FACES – Had Me A Real Good Time (Stacy Doller)
  6. PINK FLOYD – Comfortably Numb (Shaun Geraghty)
  7. DAVID BOWIE – The Laughing Gnome (Ian Fairholm)
  8. ELO – Stepping Out (Andrew Wild)
  9. BARRY GRAY – Theme From Thunderbirds (Simon Godfrey)
  10. PALLAS – Crown of Thorns (Emma Chrysoprasia Roebuck)
  11. BLUE OYSTER CULT – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Brian Watson)
  12. JONI MITCHELL – Refuge of the Roads (David Elliott)
  13. THE CARPENTERS – Goodbye To Love (Ian Oakley)
  14. PHIL COLLINS – You’ll Be In My Heart (Anthony Rowsick)
  15. THE NEW BEATS – Run Baby Run (Francis Dunnery)
  16. MEGADETH – A Tout Le Monde (Steve Blease)
  17. THE BEATLES – Blackbird (Peter Jones)
  18. PINK FLOYD – Echoes (Ed Wilkins)
  19. DAVID CROSBY – Might As Well Have A Good Time (for all of us!)