The Progzilla Files Episode 20 | The Beatles’ Influence (August 2016)

We have a guest presenter on The Progzilla Files this month: Mark Foss.

Mark has investigated the influence of The Beatles on progressive rock music and plays a selection of their music alongside the bands they inspired.

  1. THE BEATLES Day Tripper (single a-side, 1965)
  2. YES Every Little Thing (Yes, 1969)
  3. ADRIAN BELEW If I Fell (The Acoustic Adrian Belew, 1993)
  4. THE BEATLES Help! (Help! and single a-side, 1965)
  5. PINK FLOYD Welcome To The Machine (Wish You Were Here, 1975)
  6. JETHRO TULL Crazed Institution (Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young to Die!, 1976)
  7. THE BEATLES Eleanor Rigby (Revolver and single a-side, 1966)
  8. YES Everydays (Time and a Word, 1970)
  9. 801 Tomorrow Never Knows (801 Live, 1976)
  10. THE BEATLES A Day In The Life (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967)
  11. GENESIS Harold The Barrel (Nursery Cryme, 1971)
  12. JETHRO TULL Cross-Eyed Mary (Aqualung, 1971)
  13. KING CRIMSON Epitaph (In The Court Of The Crimson King, 1969)
  14. THE BEATLES Within You Without You (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967)
  15. YES The Revealing Science of God/Dance of the Dawn (Tales from Topographic Oceans, 1973)
  16. THE BEATLES Revolution #9 (The Beatles, 1968)
  17. KING CRIMSON Thela Hun Gungeet (Discipline, 1981)
  18. THE BEATLES You Never Give Me Your Money – Sun King – Mean Mr Mustard – Polythene Pam – She Came in Through the Bathroom Window – Golden Slumbers – Carry that Weight – The End (Abbey Road, 1969)
  19. JETHRO TULL Baker Street Muse (Minstrel In The Gallery, 1975)