The Progzilla Files Episode 09 | The 15 Greatest Prog Drummers #1 (November 2015)

I don’t pay much attention to polls, but one caught my eye recently: the top 200 rock drummers. Two hundred! I’m not sure I could name more than one hundred and ninety.

As this is a prog show, I’ve picked the top 15 prog acts from that list and will count them down this time and next time, in the unmistakable style of Tony Blackburn. Not ‘arf.

If nothing else, this gives me chance to play several bands I’d not usually pull from the racks.

So, this week, stand up Phil Ehart, Pierre Moerlen, Phil Collins, John Weathers, Nick Mason, Jon Hiseman, Chuck Ruff and Alan White.


  1. KANSAS Song For America 
    from Song For America (1975)
  2. GONG Master Builder
    from You (1974)
  3. GENESIS The Musical Box
    from Nursery Cryme (1971)
    from Gentle Giant (1970)
  5. PINK FLOYD One Of These Days
    From Live at Pompeii (recorded 1971)
  6. COLOSSEUM II  Winds
    from Strange New Flesh (1976)
  7. EDGAR WINTER GROUP Frankenstein
    from They Only Come Out at Night (1973)
  8. YES Sound Chaser
    from Relayer (1974)

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